PORTLAND, Ore. October 1, 2010 – Thomas Kemper Soda, a Portland, Ore. based maker of premium craft brewed soda, announces expanded distribution of new Purely Natural Soda. Purely Natural Soda was initially launched in the spring of 2010 in Whole Foods Market in the Pacific Northwest. Based on initial success the Purely Natural brand has recently expanded to more Whole Foods markets including the Southwest US, Northern California, Mid Atlantic US and Texas. Additional expanded distribution also includes major retailers such as Fred Meyer, New Seasons, and Haggen/Top Foods in the Pacific Northwest, Sunflower Markets and Bristol Farms in the Southwest, and Lunardi’s and Andronico’s in Northern California. Brewed by hand with all-natural ingredients including honey, fruit juice and premium spices, Purely Natural Sodas are also caffeine and gluten free, contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients, and are lightly sweetened with cane sugar. “Thomas Kemper Soda is well known for premium ingredients and hand-crafted taste,” said Bill Germano, President and CEO of Thomas Kemper Soda Co. “We’ve worked hard to make an all-natural soda with the special taste that consumers expect from our brand, and we’re pleased that our new natural products are well accepted by so many new customers”. Thomas Kemper Purely Natural Soda collection includes innovative flavors, with less sugar than regular sodas, such as Spiced Ginger Ale, Blood Orange Soda, fresh Black Cherry, as well as a special all-natural Thomas Kemper Root Beer. Distribution plans include expansion to the eastern US in 2011. About Thomas Kemper Soda Co. Thomas Kemper Soda Co. is a privately-owned company that produces vintage and all-natural varieties of craft-brewed bottled soda. The company got its start in the explosive microbrew scene of 1980’s Seattle. Today, Thomas Kemper maintains the same Northwest spirit at its Portland, Ore., headquarters and continues to bottle its soda in small batches. Thomas Kemper products are available at grocery stores, natural foods markets, finer retailers, and restaurants throughout the Western U.S. with growing availability across the rest of the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit